Knowing what Etsy product to sell to get your shop higher ranking is something every seller has to think about … regularly. Because trending Etsy products are just that … trendy and relatively short-lived.

Most Etsy sellers start off with a catalogue of one or more handmade products. That’s exactly what Etsy was originally designed for. But thanks to COVID-19, Etsy exploded. In 2021, new seller sign ups increased by 85%! Getting niche products to perform wonders is practically impossible.

By adding trending items to your catalogue, it’s easier to attract buyers to niche offerings. Because the more people that visit your shop, the more sales you make. The same principle as any physical store … except in Etsy’s case, “location, location, location” means the top of the SERPs.

Today, I’m not only going to give a list that helps you pick the top Etsy product to sell in your shop. It’s not that simple. I hope I can give you plenty of ideas and tips that not only increase traffic, they convert your existing target groups. But figuring out the right trending Etsy product is critical!

What To Sell On Etsy: Ideas For Every Store

Decide to sell jewelry crafting supplies on your men’s underwear site, and you won’t sell more boxer shorts. You’ll get more traffic, but not necessarily more sales. Actually, you’re more likely to get lots of very short visits, with negative Etsy ranking results. It’s easy to pick out a top trending Etsy product for sale every month and add it to your shop. After all, the research has been done for you. It’s there in statistical black and white … certain products bring in significant revenue at certain periods. But how worthwhile is this method?

Or maybe I should ask, how much work are you prepared to do? The broader your product catalogue, the more you’ll sell. That’s the principle of the physical superstore. If customers find all they need at one address, why look elsewhere? Alternatively, small, limited physical shops are a dying breed. Gone are the days people went to the butcher, the baker and the candlestick maker. Now they go to Walmart, Lidl, or Carrefour. And while a small boutique can get away with 1 or 2 members of staff, a superstore needs super-sized staff solutions. The same applies to your Etsy shop. If you really want to offer everything for everyone, you’ll need help with all those extra listings. The best option for new and existing smaller sellers is to selectively expand. This means paying close attention to your current buyers.

Before you think of any type of expansion, write down a thorough description of your typical buyer. Not just the basics of age, gender, hobbies and interests, location, and wallet size. But character, environment, ambitions, hopes and dreams. Try to imagine how these customers live and what they own. Predict what they’d like to own. By catering to these needs and wants, you keep loyal clients and bring in new ones. Aim for a snowball effect rather than scattered showers, and you’ll bring your existing client base with you, all the way.

Finished those buyer profiles? Great! Time to look at trending Etsy ideas.

What To Sell On Etsy: Digital Downloads

The easiest way to expand your catalogue without too much extra work is to sell downloadable goods. Downloadable goods don’t offend anyone. Even buyers who love a huge carbon footprint. Why? Printables and downloads are easy and quick. You pay, you download, you play or print. No waiting. And no need to take a day off to catch the post. If you’ve taken the time to write a good customer profile, adding printables isn’t tough.

Someone selling their own artworks can add printable greetings cards. These showcase the original works but double as low-energy and investment expansion solutions. Add to the snowball effect by giving all art-appreciating buyers an opportunity to request original cards without that download option. Personalization is an Etsy pillar. Custom portraits or tinted copies of original photographs are some ideas.

The top trending digital goods on Etsy right now are:

  • Calendars
  • Journals
  • Hotel and B&B signage
  • Routine, goal, and life planners
  • Wall art
  • Coloring pages
  • Unique how-to’s

It’s important you put a personal stamp on any standard digital product. When an Etsy buyer wants something generic, they’ll go to Amazon.

How can we add that personal stamp to less creative Etsy stores?

Imagine a store that specializes in extra-extra large vintage men’s clothes? What Etsy printables might work for this target market? OK, not all of this store’s customers want to shrink a few sizes, but good profile research will show that most of them will. In fact, the CDC tells us that nearly 68% of obese people want to and have tried to lose weight. This is the kind of information that should be in the owner of this store’s head. Every now and again, that shop owner will check to see if this information has changed, and tweak the digital goods accordingly. 

This information also means better trending product ideas for Etsy shops.

  • A style guide for different body shapes
  • Weight and measurement charts and goal-related calendars
  • Printable cuff and neck measuring tapes
  • Motivational fridge art

Knowing your customer and knowing what’s trending on Etsy must work together for the best effects.

Etsy Trending 2022: Easter, Eid or Diwali?

Holiday season planning is essential when you own an Etsy shop. And any celebratory day offers an opportunity for expansion. But holidays aren’t only about Easter, Eid or Diwali. They’re about school holidays, local celebrations, and national and international social-media driven days. Even changes in the weather.

After all, trending products depend on the customer journey. That’s why they’re trends and not permanent best sellers. They follow the path of your customer journey, not vice versa. How will your target markets deal with hot weather? What might they need?

Electric fans for the home, car, office or shed? Hand-painted, highly artistic paper fans? Cooling, scented misting sprays or printable misting spray how-to’s? Cold packs? Cotton and breathable fabrics? Sweat-resistant makeup? Mosquito proofing? Camping supplies? Anti-oedema socks? When you know your customer, you know where to expand. And when you visualize your targets as living, breathing human beings rather than numbers, you influence the next trending products on Etsy. 

What Etsy Product To Sell: Trend Tweaking

Defining trends takes time. And for most small to medium Etsy shops, selling already established trends is the most efficient strategy. We’ve already seen how important it is to learn about your customer. But how much do you know about the marketplace?

Sellers often tread a tightrope between permitted and prohibited Etsy products. This often goes unpunished. It’s impossible to keep an eye on over 4 millions sellers with 1,200 employees. If you do sell something Etsy doesn’t allow, be warned. They could find you (chances are slim), buyers could report you (out of frustration), or your competitors could hand in your name (a smart move when you don’t bend the rules yourself). Rather than follow the trending crowd, tweak the trend to match your customer profile and Etsy policy. The only true win-win situation.

So what Etsy trending products can you tweak? The top performing products in the first half of 2022 are:

  • Prisms and sun-catchers
  • Hosting supplies
  • Signature lighting
  • Tufting supplies
  • Foraging and off-grid advice and products
  • Wedding supplies
  • Digital hotel signage
  • DIY and decoration products

And don’t forget to tweak attributes and tags to incorporate broader search terms based on color and form. These Etsy trending keywords include:

  • Emerald green
  • Curved
  • Marble
  • Pastel
  • Metallic

Here’s a tip. Rather than pastel, what about Denmark pastels? Use this 2022 buzzword and take immediate advantage of the 28,705% increase in Etsy search term popularity! Are any of your items available in pastel colors that match the Denmark palette? Tweak those tags today!

EtsyGeeks: Always On Trend!

Sometimes, it’s easier to get on with the creating and leave the marketing up to a professional. Many of our clients are happy they can hand the research and listing tasks to us and focus on the unique, one-off items that will always be Etsy’s backbone. But if you’ve built a good range of customer profiles and have hand-picked products to expand your catalogue, there’s still plenty of work to do. Adding trending products is a great way of increasing Etsy visibility, but it’s far from the only way. Etsy Geeks knows every way to get you noticed.

Etsy Top Trending Products In Your Shop

Trending products are temporary. How long will it be before ‘emerald green’ stops being trendy? Or designers return to straight lines and abstract rather than flowing and natural? How long will buyers lose their marbles about marble candle holders? Most trends last long enough to make a profit. If you can beat Etsy odds. There’s only one way to beat the odds 100%.

Sell every product to every living human being in every color and with every possible personalization feature. So do the next best thing: constantly add to your store product listings according to your customer profiles. They are as key to your future than the right trending keywords. That combination of deep client and marketing knowledge always brings in top results!