When you sell or resell on Etsy, you already have the luxury of a made-to-measure target market. And it’s a huge market. In 2019, Etsy’s annual gross sales were close to $5 billion.

Your Etsy conversions are most likely to be female, living in the US, and buying products using mobile devices. They are also likely to come back for more.

If you’re not sure how to find out top-selling Etsy products, here’s a few of the best.

  • Quirky clothing accessories
  • Bathroom styling and toiletries
  • Art supplies and works
  • Crafting supplies and small handmade items
  • Wedding and party bulk supplies
  • Genuine vintage items and recycled goods

Best Selling Etsy ≠ Top Seller Ranking

Knowing what will sell on Etsy and selling it… that’s two sides of the Etsy coin. Even if you only resell or sell Etsy top products, there’s no guarantee your shop will make sales.

Firstly, it’s tough to become popular overnight. You have to compete against long-term sellers that have gained a reputation through years of excellent customer service.

Secondly, there are lots of talented creative-types out there. You might be an incredible painter, restorer, or knitter, but you’re not alone.

Thirdly, many top Etsy shops invest in marketing expertise to ensure their listed goods stand out from the crowd.

All highly-successful Etsy sellers know that the right Etsy marketing strategies are more important than the products themselves.

Current Etsy Top Sellers Statistics

So what can you expect once you have figured out the best Etsy strategy for high sales?

When you look at individual Etsy shop statistics, it’s easy to see why this marketplace has remained popular.

PPEPPI Boutique, a Californian business, is currently producing attractive and comfortable face masks in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. This year alone, they have reported 172859 sales.

Bead Boat, selling jewelry and jewelry-making supplies, has taken 760430 orders since 2014.

PeggySueAlso offers printed leather for crafters – a very niche product – but boasts 580915 orders over the past 9 years. That’s an average of 64,500 sales a year or over 5,000 monthly transactions.

Brass House has only managed to sell just under 800 pieces of vintage furniture since 2014. However, the average item is priced at over $1500.

Home for Dreams in Georgia sells children’s furniture. Its successful, high-ranking Etsy shop has achieved 18812 sales averaging $150 over three years. Etsy shops with good reviews and selling identical furniture – like Ovvokids (just 4 sales this year) – can only be found after you have scrolled through a few pages.

Top Ten Etsy Ranking = Marketing, not Product

Whatever you’re selling, you need to visualize Etsy as a rare breed of search engine.

Etsy has its own, unique algorithm. To truly rise in the Etsy ranks, you need an Etsy marketing expert.

An Etsy expert knows that an Etsy search does not take note of your product description. He or she is aware that the first words of your product title weigh more than the words at the end. Your chosen Etsy guru does not let the marketplace do all the work and will strive to increase your shop traffic via other channels. The list of tweaks and Etsy strategies is very, very long.

Etsy: Visibility is the Key

Without high visibility, your Etsy shop cannot take off.

Without ranking high on the Etsy search results, you can give up the dream of becoming an Etsy Top Seller.

No matter how amazing the product or how low its price, if your potential conversions can’t see it, they won’t buy it.

There is no escape from these three Etsy mantras. Unless you’re a marketing expert who knows the ever-changing Etsy algorithm’s ins and outs, you need to invest in someone with Etsy expertise.

Etsy Geeks understands the Etsy algorithms well and can help you get your shop in the Etsy search engine top 50 within 21 days. We do this by ranking your products for the keywords your potential customer would use to search for it.

With our Etsy knowledge, you don’t have to worry about getting more visibility for your Etsy shop. Instead, you can concentrate on ensuring product quality and offering top notch customer service that will get you a place in the Etsy top seller list.

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