The Etsy marketplace gives jewelers, knitters, bag makers, artists, designers, creativities, etc. an excellent platform to monetize their skills.

If you have decided to open an Etsy business so that you can make money from what you’re good and passionate at, that is commendable.

However, you should know setting up an Etsy shop doesn’t automatically guarantee you sales of your product, despite the Etsy marketplace having over 40 million active buyers.

Your Etsy business is just like any other small business you might open, meaning you have to put in the work to ensure it succeeds.

In this article, I will show you some of the things you can do to sell on Etsy. Let’s get into it then!

How to Get Sales On Etsy

1. Optimize your product listings


You can get a lot of potential customers from Google or Etsy search engines. Therefore, you need to do some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to make your Etsy store easily found.

Katarina Vojinovic, who co-owns Dzefer, a successful jewelry store on Etsy, says this about listing optimization, “SEO can be complicated, but it is a surefire way to drive people to your Etsy website. A simple SEO tactic you can implement is making sure your product titles are keyword-friendly. You can find suitable keywords to add in your titles, tags, product descriptions, shop sections, etc. by using Etsy ranking tools.”

For more in-depth information on how to do SEO to increase the chances of your Etsy business being easily found, read this Etsy’s SEO guide.

2. Promote your products

How can you make more sales on Etsy? For you to sell on the platform, you need to generate enough web traffic for your Etsy store. 

To do this, you have to do more than promoting your products on Etsy. You can reach your target audience by sharing details about your Etsy business on social media platforms, going to networking events where you can interact with potential customers, etc.

If you decide to use social media, which is a must because of how big it plays a role in our lives today, create store profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and continuously engage with those who like or follow your pages to develop a relationship.

Starting a blog to provide information that is of value to your potential clients about your products is also a good idea that will go a long way in creating visibility for your Etsy store.

When writing the blog content, be sure to use relevant keywords to help in your store’s SEO.

3. Read up on successful Etsy businesses


To know how to increase your Etsy sales takes time to study successful Etsy stores that have made loads of money on the e-commerce platform.

You can begin your research on successful Etsy sellers by looking at the stores that always appear at the top of search results in your niche. Visit these Etsy shops and ask yourself, compared to your Etsy business, what are they doing differently to be at the top.

There are also many blog articles on the internet about people who have succeeded on Etsy. Reading such posts will be worth your while.

Joining the Etsy community is also something you should do. In the community, you can interact with your favorite seller to find out how to have a successful Etsy business.

4. Let Etsy Geeks make your Etsy business prosper

The Etsy marketplace has over 2.5 million sellers and more than 60 million items on sale. Making it in such a large and competitive environment is extremely difficult.

But don’t worry, our team of Etsy experts can help you stand out in this crowded marketplace. Using our Etsy ranking service, you can drive lots of traffic to your Etsy listings to make them rank better for specific keywords related to your product.

For example, say we have 24,661 results (products) found for the keywords “red long dress” on the Etsy search engine. EtsyGeek’s role is to bring traffic to your product, which is among the 24,661 products found in the search results until it ranks among the top 15 for the keyword “red long dress” or any other keyword you choose.

A top 15 ranking will increase your product visibility, and you should receive more visitors to your store whom you can convert to paying customers.

If you pay for our monthly ranking service, you can be sure that your products will continuously rank in the Etsy top 15 each month. In the long run, this should guarantee the success of your Etsy business if you’re able to convert the enormous web traffic you get.

Ready to give EtsyGeeks a try? Pay for one of our affordable Etsy packages here, and we can start the journey to make your Etsy shop a success!


There is a lot more you can do to make your Etsy shop successful. Here are a few more points on how to do that:

  • Sell quality products.
  • Know your target audience and take the necessary steps to reach them.
  • Offer excellent customer service.
  • Ensure you take good photos of your products. I must emphasize this point because the quality of your photos plays a crucial role in driving sales. Dark and shaky photos will drive away customers, so take time to make sure your photos are well lit and show your product well from different angles. Invest in a camera if you don’t have one because quality pictures are a must on Etsy.
  • Don’t know how to do something, ask the Etsy support.