Etsy is a consumer-biased algorithm that makes increasing Etsy ranking complex. How fast can you boost Etsy rankings and where do you focus your energy?

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Lots of outdated information is spread all over the Internet when it comes to sound Etsy SEO advice. As a popular marketplace, Etsy traffic is – on the whole – available to any Etsy store owner. However, getting this traffic to find your store isn’t something that happens overnight.

Even veteran Etsy sellers are finding it tough to stay on top of the Etsy search result pages. Personalisation is great for the consumer but a real headache for the seller. Personalisation also makes it very difficult to check the immediate results of your ranking strategies – the proof of your hard work is only seen in transaction numbers. This is too late in the purchasing funnel to be useful.

Etsy Algorithm Factors

Etsy Algorithm

The following factors are central to how the Etsy ranking algorithm calculates your product or store’s position or ranking:

  • Relevancy of the listing
  • Quality of the listing
  • Customer experience
  • Date
  • Location and language
  • Context-specific ranking (CSR)
  • Shoppers habits
  • Shipping prices

How To Boost Etsy Rankings Fast

Etsy boost

To climb the ranks in Etsy search results, all of the above-mentioned factors must be taken into account.

Relevancy of the Etsy Listing

If you only sell and advertise via Etsy (not the best marketing strategy), a 50-character company name that tells the consumer exactly what you sell is essential. Expand into social media and you should reduce character number according to platform choice. Products should have exact phrase matches as their title, and this title and other important search terms specific to your product should be your tags. Think hard about the attributes and categories, too.

Quality of the Etsy Listing

Every time a customer or potential customer clicks on your product page or storefront they increase your listing quality. Using marketing channels outside of Etsy can contribute greatly to this Etsy ranking factor.

Customer Experience

Feedback matters. Every store is awarded a score based on what people think about your customer services. Communicating who you are and what you do counts. Fromunique, true-to-life images to your transparent About paragraph, improve all aspects of UX.


The more recent the listing the better it ranks. Consistently refresh and update your products.

Location and Language

Most Etsy buyers live in the US and Europe. Focus on the location of your largest customer group and leave the wider world to other marketing channels. The same applies to your selected language and translation choices.


AI doesn’t make things easy for sellers. Here, customer interests feed a personalization algorithm; there’s very little you can do to change what buyers like. Make your targets as broad as possible – blue socks become electric blue ankle-length, organic natural fibre, loose-fitting, great for diabetics, clubwear and fitness wear socks for footwear.

Shopper Habits

Hand in hand with CSR is the shopper habit factor. When a customer has purchased a similar item in the past, this item type is likely to pop up in future personalised search results. If a buyer has purchased from your store before, your offerings appear higher in their next search.

Shipping Prices

Offer low shipping prices or – even better – free shipping, and you receive Etsy rankings kudos.

Overnight Etsy Ranking is A Myth

Etsy overnight success is a myth

As with Google SEO, Etsy SEO depends on too many factors to make it an overnight success. While it is perfectly possible to appear high in Etsy SERPs, most shops only start to see the benefits after a couple of weeks. There are plenty of ways to make your products visible and all work cumulatively. So get started today!

If you sign up for an Etsygeeks ranking boost, we will send you a detailed, up-to-date report on the exact requirements for perfecting your Etsy on-page SEO details worth $199.