As more and more Etsy sellers are hearing about our service, we thought it would be time to share a little success story with our readers.

In this blog article, we’ll be looking at an Etsy seller who sells t-shirts.

How it got started

This client ordered to boost four of her listings which sell t-shirts. We cannot divulge the exact keywords and products, as we keep our clients data private. However, we can share the results.

After 14 days, this client has seen consistent top 15 rankings for two of it’s keywords, and top 30 for it’s third keyword.

T-shirt client results.


As you can see in our screenshot, the client is ranking well, especially in the US region. We keep track of clients rankings in different countries (‘geo’s’), as these can differ based on shipping locations.

Note: When a shop sells a product from the US to another country, they usually rank worse in that country localised Etsy search results.

This client has been very happy with the results, generating good profits. Though our client didn’t share exact profit details, the client has been happy to inform us that she will renew her orders as long as these rankings stick.


These results don’t stand for themselves. We have around 120 clients, where-as almost all are seeing good rankings. Some don’t rank well due to too high levels of competition. In that case, we will contact you regarding your order and find a solution together.

If you’re interested in seeing similar good rankings, simply contact us or order directly on our website, we’re happy to help!