Etsy SEO Expert

Any Etsy seller knows that getting listed in the top ten Etsy search results is a sure way to increase sales.

Very few Etsy buyers are prepared to scroll through more than 3 or 4 pages, whether they use specific filters or not, to find a product.

But while pushing your product to the top of the list is essential, this is no easy task.

Most Etsy sellers will, at some time, have received emails or offers to improve their Etsy SEO ranking.

Freelance websites like Upwork and Fiverr are full of individuals and agencies that provide search engine optimization. Many Etsy sellers turn to these platforms to increase Etsy rankings quickly.

But what do you get for your money?

Etsy SEO Expert Required

If you own an Etsy store and do not have the technical skills to elevate your products to the first page, let alone the top ten, you will probably want to find an Etsy SEO specialist. On every services marketplace, from LinkedIn to Freelancer, Fiverr to Upwork, and even on, you’re spoiled for choice!

So let’s go through the motions of finding the right Etsy SEO expert for your Etsy store.

Using Etsy SEO as a search term, Fiverr listed over 300 services from self-proclaimed Etsy SEO experts in early September 2020 (09/09/2020). Prices started at under $5 and soared to well over $800. On Upwork, hourly rates for an Etsy SEO specialist can be as low as $4 per hour and exceed $60 per hour.

Tip 1: Generic Prices for Generic Services?

Etsy Expert

So our first tip is to say that, in most cases, price reflects quality on services platforms and marketplaces.

On any talent platform, feedback counts. And this opens up a Catch-22 situation; the higher the feedback, the more likely a freelancer is to increase their prices.

You may be extremely lucky and find an Etsy SEO expert that has just signed up. As with all good SEO principles, such individuals are aware of the importance of positive feedback to achieve long-term goals. They know that this strategy takes time and sacrifice.

Therefore, these experts will offer their new and unproven services in a very professional manner (a well-written introduction and list of what they will do to increase your Etsy product ranking) at a significantly reduced rate. These freelancers are confident of receiving positive feedback, so providing an honest review will be part of your contract.

However, this scenario is very rare.

You are much more likely to receive generic offers, with or without grammatical errors and misspellings, on freelancer platforms.

If you post a job on Upwork, you will definitely have to reject countless replies. The level or area of expertise may not correspond to your task. For every 30 answers, you will reject around 20 simply because the written response does not match your request or show any level of professionalism.

On Fiverr, there were 300+ Etsy SEO results on 9th September. Of these, 249 new sellers and only a handful had received feedback.

One freelancer (cognegic) offered “1 million SEO backlinks for your Etsy store promotion” with an image showing the magic number “10,000,00”. For anyone who understands the intricacies of marketing perfection, it is unsurprising that this service has only had one client to date.

The freelancer (bibizarmeena) who offered “ETSY TITLES, TAGS AND PRODCUT DESCRIPTIONS” for under $5 has not yet managed to find a client.

Tip 2: One Price, One Action?


Etsy Expert Price

It is also probable that any low advertised price is limited to a single action or item. On Fiverr, the tempting $5 price tag is always cumulative.

So, tip two is to know precisely what you’re paying for so you can properly compare prices. It usually makes more sense to go for a larger package on freelance marketplaces.

When you have hundreds of products that you want to jump the Etsy queue, that low price on Fiverr no longer applies. The original $5 suddenly grows to hundreds of dollars, Euros, or whatever currency you choose to use.

For example, a huge number of Fiverr experts offer a rather generic package of an Etsy SEO title and up to 13 SEO tags for under $5.

For most Etsy sellers, this is a problem. Or rather, two.

  1. Very few Etsy sellers sell one item
  2. Ranking high on Etsy is due to much more than titles and tags.

Basically, if you sell 50 products, you pay around 50 times the advertised price for an incomplete Etsy SEO strategy.

Most advertised Etsy SEO strategies (per item, per ten items, etcetera) on freelancer marketplaces are commonly listed as single services. Single tactics include:

  • Providing backlinks/affiliate links
  • SEO titles
  • SEO tags
  • SEO descriptions
  • Product uploads (you don’t need to be an expert to do that)
  • Keyword research
  • Etsy audits

None of these work as well as a single strategy as they do in a combined. And the above-listed methods are themselves only a fraction of the improvements that can be made toward Etsy product visibility.

Tip 3: Combine Slow and Quick Etsy Marketing Strategies for Better Results

Etsy Marketing Strategy

As I just mentioned, no single action is going to shoot your product or products to the top of the first page of your potential customer’s Etsy search results.

The Etsy algorithm – recently adapted – needs as much inside knowledge as other internationally popular search engines like Google and Bing.

This means paying attention to both long and short-term strategies. If you have browsed Fiverr, Etsy, Upwork, LinkedIn, and Freelancer, you will have realized that most freelancers target Etsy sellers looking for a quick fix.

They might bring your product higher on the Etsy search engine results – maybe even have it sitting in the top five – but using singular strategies won’t keep it there.

How many customers can you attract during your few short hours in pole position? Even less if your competitors start to reap the rewards of their long-term SEO investments.

To remain on top, you need to invest in the whole package. When you compare effective Etsy marketing prices to the per-item prices of continuous, short-term, singular actions, the former is often much cheaper. Etsy SEO optimization always costs money but is often the most profitable strategy. Search Engine Optimization by Etsy Experts

Etsy SEO Expert

Etsy Geeks doesn’t deal with single, short-term strategies. As a highly-competitive, fully-integrated Etsy SEO service, we provide a unique product for every Etsy seller.

No matter what language, target audience, or Etsy-compliant product, we know how to bring each item to the top of the page. More importantly, we know how to keep it there.

With a success rate of over 95%, Etsy Geeks is the only Etsy SEO expert confident enough to provide a money-back guarantee. If you don’t rank in the top ten, you don’t pay.

Furthermore, we don’t need access to your accounts. You’ll never have to share your password(s) with us.

Etsy Geeks – the most aptly-named Etsy SEO ranking service – concentrates its continuous research on the Etsy marketplace, providing a seamless, long-term solution for Etsy sellers.

We’ll make a difference whether you are starting up or want to improve your existing store’s visibility.

Our services extend to driving traffic from external sources like social media, search engines, and links from trustworthy influencers and websites. We’ll advertise your positive feedback in all the right places – satisfied customers score points on the Etsy algorithm – and start from the ground up. When you work with EtsyGeeks, you get so much more than tags and titles. You get long-term results.

Yes, we can do all the quick fixes, but choose not to focus on short-term results alone. There’s no point. The Etsy algorithm is much too complex for a one-trick pony.

If you are looking for Etsy SEO experts that know every trick in the book, try EtsyGeeks. We’ll showcase your store in all the right places and send your products to the top of the queue…or give your money back!